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New Zealand: Top To Bottom
A scenic tour of New Zealand.  Explore New Zealand's North and South islands on a scenic tour that takes you from Auckland in the North to Dunedin in the South. Travel by plane, gondola, cable car and train to see spectacular volcanoes, seascapes, rare birds, snow capped mountains and river gorges.

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A visual adventure tour of the 49th state, where wildlife and wilderness dazzle the eye and intrigue the mind.

From the startling beauty of Glacier Bay National Park to the isolated Walrus Island, narrator Pernell Roberts conducts a visual symphony of many of the world's most incredible natural wonders. See Denali, the highest mountain in North America, and glaciers the size of Switzerland. Visit the northernmost point on the continent and an authentic Gold Rush town.

"The mountains, the lakes, the glaciers, the enormity is breathtaking." Anchorage Daily News

Aired for four years on the Discovery Channel with the second highest rating for it’s time slot. PAL and NTSC available.