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Mass Extinctions

99.9% of all living things have become extinct over the last 250 million years. Extinction is the permanent loss of species; birds, flowers, trees, fish. Over 100 species go extinct daily.

MASS EXTINCTIONS explores the five major mass extinctions known to have occurred. Each event is covered in depth to explain the cause and enumerate the species that were lost. What killed the dinosaurs? Did hunters in the prehistoric past cause the extinction of the Saber-cats and Mammoths? How do volcanoes effect our weather? Have extraterrestrial objects landed on the earth? When was the last mass extinction?

The foremost scientists in the fields of botany, zoology, biology, chemistry and paleontology present information about our environment and give their views on important issues facing the world today. Pollution, overpopulation and depletion of natural resources are examined as potential catalysts of the 6th MASS EXTINCTION.
Chapter One: The Dinosaurs Disappear
Several of the world's leading scientists piece together the event that killed the dinosaurs 64.7 million years ago in the month of June. The facts about the famous Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary are revealed in this first chapter.

Chapter Two: Killer Volcanoes and Supernova
A brief history of life on earth and a chronicle of other major catastrophes. One of these mass extinctions caused the death of 96% of all life in a single event.

Chapter Three: Jurassic Giants
The giants of the Jurassic period have intrigued scientists over the years. This period in dinosaur evolution produced some of the most famous and deadly species.

Chapter Four: Periodicity of Cosmic Catastrophes
There is ever mounting evidence that extraterrestrial objects have caused most of the devastation to life on planet earth. Paleontologists and Geologists have different opinions and theories for extinction.

Chapter Five: Man: The Deadly Predator
The deadliest threat to life is mankind. 10,000 years ago man was responsible for most of the loss of animal life around the globe. Gone are some of the many amazing creatures which have walked the earth, like Saber-cats and Woolly mammoths.

Chapter Six: The Beginning ...or the End?
If there is a cycle to mass extinctions, then the next one has just begun. Scientists expose the disasters we are currently heading toward through pollution, depletion of natural resources and over-population.