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Dinosaur: The Arctic Expedition

The first Arctic dinosaurs were discovered in Alaska, 250 miles inside the Arctic Circle. The news sent shockwaves through the scientific community; how did they survive? A DVD  documents the discovery of the first dinosaurs inside the arctic circle, detailing their migration, behavior and physiology, according to leading paleontologists.

In DINOSAUR: THE ARCTIC EXPEDITION you'll journey to one of the most remote spots on earth with a team of top paleontologists. Four species are discovered as the mystery deepens. The world's foremost dinosaur hunters explain these finds in their own words, changing forever the way we look at the dinosaurs. Evidence suggests that they were more active, adaptable and intelligent than we give them credit for. The discovery in Alaska also brings new light to the most widely accepted theories on their extinction.

Dr Robert Bakker, Dr William Clemens, Dr Elizabeth Brouwers, dinosaur, fossils, Cretaceous, North Pole, Arctic, Robert Dunlap, video, documentary, PAL and NTSC available.